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30 Jun 2017

Running Tips - Running And Traveling


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Posted By Pam L.

If you are an avid runner, as I am, running while you are on traveling and vacation is a given. Packing my running shoes is as normal to me as packing my underwear!

But you need to keep some things in mind while running on vacation. Here are some tips that your help:

1. If you are flying, pack your running shoes in your carry on. Luggage can get lost, and you may have to buy some clothes. But, I don't want to have to worry about new running shoes. I always carry my shoes and one running outfit in my carry on bag.

2. Check out Google maps before you leave to check out the area. You'd be surprised the parks, river trails, greenways, etc. that may be close to where you are going to be. If you are traveling to a larger city, exploring these areas can be a nice getaway during your getaway!

3. Check out local running clubs. Most running clubs have websites - check them out to see if they have any routes that they recommend. If they don't have anything listed - there is usually a contact person. Drop them an email and see if they can help you find a nice route or routes.

4. Ask the hotel where you are staying. I have found great areas to run just by asking the front desk or the concierge. With more and more people running every year, the staff is aware of safe places to run. Also, if you strike up a conversation with them, how many of them actually run themselves. I've found many really nice routes by talking to the front desk.

5. There is also a really cool website MapMyRun where runners in a certain area list their favorite runs in their city or others they've visited. You can also visit running forums and ask members of they know of any great areas to run where you are going to be.

6. Be aware of where you are. It's easy to turn here, turn there and then got lost. I once turned a quick 3 mile run into a nice 7-miler in Hawaii. Not intentionally, just got lost. But, I saw a lot of nice areas! I was lucky that everyone there is usually so nice - but it's better to keep a better eye on where you've gone.

I can't imagine not running while I'm on vacation. I hope these tips help you during your next trip.


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